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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Hi Guys! sorry it's took me a while to update to blog but now I'm back again and ready to blog again :)
Anyways did you enjoy your summer vacation? I know you did, and some of you are just can't get over of it because really summer is the best part of the year.
I don't have such words to describe my outfit here now but all I know is I wanna call it "ASTIG". And as I always say let yourselves be the judge. Thank You! 

What I'm Wearing?

Tops: Cotton On
Shorts: Mint
Watch: Brandless
Shoes: Nike
(Plus the additional Bandana on my head)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer Time

Hey Fellas! It's Summer Time :) let's scream for Happiness WOOOOHH ... hahaha. Let's enjoy this time of the year with our family and loveones okay? Enjoy your vacation everyone :)
And about this look it's simple as it is a natural outfit when you're going around to see the site :) 
Just tuned in for more of my post Happy Summer Everyone :)

What I'm Wearing?

Aviator: RayBan
Long Sleeves Button-down: Mint
Watch: Brandless
Pants: Paddocks

Thursday, March 20, 2014


"Untitled" ! why? because i really don't know or i can't think what is the best title for this post. I guess, I was just mental block quite this time. And to tell you all honestly I don't really know what to say right now. huh! 
Forgive me if I can't tell or explain you more about this look. 
Let yourselves be the judge :) Thanks guys!

What I'm Wearing?

Blazer: Y.R.Y.S
Shirt: Blue Corner
Dog tag Necklace: SM Accessories
Bracelet: SM Accessories
Watch: Guess
Jeans: American Boulevard
Shoes: Supra

Paolowers XD

Thursday, March 6, 2014

About to End

I know you guys feel that it's a bit not colder now, right? So, thats why this is my last post wearing jackets/sweaters.And also summer is about to start, right? We have to start making our summer to do list.
And about this look it's simple but fashionable I don't have that much to say about this look, but all I want say is this idea of what I'm wearing right now came from my Mom. hahaha .. so silly!
And lastly guys! I'm sorry for not been updating my blog for atleast a month I'm so busy doing some parties I mean my post birthday celebration parties with my friends :) but now I'm back ! :)

What I'm Wearing?

Cardigan: From Baguio City
Button-down (short sleeves): Natasha
Bracelet: SM Accessories
Watch: Guess
Short: Levis
Shoes: World Balance

Paolowers XD

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's my Birthday :)

Itchy Birthday! Itchy Birthday! Itchy Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! .. haha 

It's my 19th Birthday ! (yeah! I know I'm a bit older now.. haha) I post this thing here on my blog because I want to Thank all the persons/people who greeted me on my special day. I want to mention names but they're too many, so I decided not to do.. haha. But to all Thank you! Thank you so much! to my beloved Family,Friends,Class/School/Blockmates,Teachers/Professors, and etc. (they're many parin even if I don't mention names na). My Birthday wouldn't be this great w/o all of you persons who involve in this, you guys always puts a smile on my face that makes me think that I'm very very blessed through out this past years because I have you all in my life :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!
And also Thank you to all of you my readers for reading this and letting me post this thing here! And Thank you for those who silently greeting me..haha
Let's us all remain Happy! :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

American Boy

Alright so here it goes :) the first Title of this blog post supposed to be "After the Sunset" but when we got to shoot this, my Mom saw me and said 'you're like a AMBOY' and AMBOY means American Boy, so! since my Mom said that I think I should make it as a Title ..
Let's talk about my look now, this looks like just ordinary right? but don't lie to me when you see this, it has a "Wow Factor". Maybe because the weather & the dark background/surroundings really fits on my outfit. And the place really looks like I'm on the Country side of America ..
Here it is ! be my Judge :)

What I'm Wearing?

Cap: Vans
Sweater: HT (from Guam)
Bracelet: SM Accessories
Watch: Casio
Pants: Levis
Shoes: Bench

Paolowers XD

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Windy Monday

Can you feel it? Yes, you! Can feel it? haha .. I'm talking about the weather this past days, it was so cold right? .. Well! you know guys I'm correct remember I say months ago (it's december to be exact) that the weather would be nice & cold when January up to February comes :) Maybe I will make sulit (i don't know what is the english of sulit ..haha) this kind of weather until it all ends on February, you guys will see 2 or maybe 3 more of my posts wearing jackets.
Anyways let's talk about this look now, I call this "Classy Swagger Look" because as you can see below it's a whole package of a swag look but there is one thing that made it classy I think it's the jacket .. 
So now no more words & explaination, Here it is ! .. 

What I'm Wearing?

Jacket: Natasha
Plain White Shirt: Blue Corner
Necklace: SM Accessories
Watch: Guess
Pants: Bench
Shoes: Supra

Paolowers XD